Now is the best time to be ready and upgrade the outdoor lighting of your property given that more people are spending time outdoors since warm weather is incoming. Moreover, if you still have not replaced your lights to LED, this is the sign that you’ve been waiting to do so. With almost 30 percent of the costs of your property that goes to electricity bills, and 55 percent of that cost is lighting, you’ll instantly observe the savings you get in your energy bills.  

It is important to have good first impressions. Exterior lighting is one of the easiest improvement projects you can take to guarantee that your first impression will display a well-maintained, secure, and safe property. If interested, discover some of our lighting ideas for your property with LED. 

Property or apartment signage 

The lit signage of LED shines the brightest and it will be the best advertising for your property prospective tenants. You can think about upgrading your dull signage with LED-lit signage. Moreover, it’s widely used now when it comes to exterior lighting applications.  

Parking lot lighting 

This is where your savings begin to actually take place if you change to LED. It is a smart move to switch from your ordinary lighting to LED since it helps you save money given that the bulbs on your parking lot need to be on overtime to make sure that it’s safe. LEDs can consume up to 90 percent less energy compared to incandescent light bulbs. Moreover, LEDs are long-lasting. Meaning, you’ll be changing the bulbs much less often, you will get brighter lights in your areas, and you can save on your utility bills every month.  

Landscape lighting 

If your landscape lighting is properly placed, it could direct traffic, enhance safety, and create great ambiance on the property. Pathway lights will assist to guide traffic on your place and minimize the danger of tripping accidents. In flowerbeds, landscape lights help to draw attention to your exterior feature or illuminate the signage of your property. Moreover, utilizing downlights along with structures or in trees can make ambiance and can guarantee safety as well.  

Timers and motion sensors 

The use of timers and motion sensors can help minimize utility costs, which is really a wise idea to use. Interval timers for recreational areas or tennis courts will automatically extinguish lighting at a scheduled time.  

Begin with the appropriate fixture 

Nowadays, outdoor lighting selection has become very extensive where the possibilities can be unlimited still the outcome can be beautiful. When we talk about choosing the right fixture, this implies that you can guide the light where you want it and shine just the sufficient amount of light for the particular location. All types of lighting like dusk to dawn lighting, accent lightings, and spotlights all play various purposes and must be accordingly planned. Ask a certified electrician or attend to an electrician training for you to be more informed about this.